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What do people think of Dr. B?

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"I found Dr. Barbara through “Black Women Workout” group on Facebook. Someone in her group posted her doing the cardio exercises live for suggestions if anyone needed it. When I first viewed her interaction with her group on Zoom, I knew I wanted to be apart of it.  Her energy was positive and welcoming, and I knew she could help me reach my goal without any negative conflict. Dr. Barbara reached out to me after signing up, and at first I thought it was spam email since I missed the first session. I proceeded to login and immediately logout because of fear but when she inbox me to come back, I did and it was the best decision I ever made. I really enjoyed the workout the group was friendly and fun. I will definitely continue my journey with Dr. Barbara because I feel she choose me when I doubted myself the most."


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“I attended a virtual session a few weeks back and was delighted! The link was easy to find and access. The pace isn’t super fast which allows for you to get comfortable with the mild choreography. The Soca music was the icing on the cake! I strongly recommend this class!”


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"Dr. “B” is the bomb! Her MixxedFit classes are dynamic, explosive, a fantastic workout and most importantly super fun! She is supportive, encouraging and always willing to walk you through something, offer a modification or generally relay some helpful workout tips. She takes song requests too. I highly recommend her virtual or in person fitness classes!"


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"Dr. B is a competent, energetic, and compassionate instructor.  She pushes you but not at the sacrifice of proper form and your health. Dr. B maintains a healthy balanced lifestyle and is living proof that transformation is possible.  Plus her classes are fun and the music is great!"



“ Dr.B is bomb asf! She showed up to one of my free work out session and was super supportive and Werking it!! And when I showed up to her MixxedFit work out session. She definitely gave me an amazing mixxed for work out! 🏾I’ve never met her In person but she’s such a talented and beautifully, spirited woman.”



"Working out with Dr. B is an absolute delight. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and knows how to make her students sweat!! Dr. B has to be one of the most pleasant instructors I've ever experienced and she always provides additional instructions and alternative moves for beginners. Every class with Dr. B has been both fun and challenging and I look forward to her next class!!"



“Hi. My name is Janaé and I absolutely love attending Limitless Fitness virtual workouts. Dr. Barbara helped me find that Dancing is the best way to get that sweat out! My daughter even loves when I join. She starts to dance right along with me lol! Thank you for all that you do Dr. Barbara. You are so kind and giving. You are truly changing lives with this!”



”I am 65 years old. My job has me confined to desk in front of a computer all day. Barbara has helped me increase my endurance and energy. I used to get tired and sluggish in the afternoon. After a few weeks of macro nutrition coaching with Barbara I am beginning to reap the positive rewards. I have increased energy. I am no longer tired in the afternoons and I have lost 3 pounds! I love working with Barbara. She is so informative and uplifting. I look forward to sharing my challenges which Barbara helps me to successfully navigate and my successes which I can always count on Barbara to highlight and celebrate.”



"I really enjoyed my time working with Barbara. I was so lost on how to gain control of my eating habits to lose my pregnancy weight. Barbara taught me how to eat healthier, tips and tricks for eating out, all while building upon my current WW plan. I believe her weekly checkins, in addition to frequent text messages kept me accountable and motivated to achieve my weight loss goals. I not only lost weight while working with Barbara, I also gained a body positive mindset. Thanks to Barbara I am back into my pre-pregnancy clothes!"


I love hearing feedback from people I interact with and I'd like to hear from you!

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