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About Dr. B

Fitness, growth, and lifetime learning are my lifestyle...

Nice to meet you! I’m Barbara Moore, “Dr. B”! My fitness journey started over 10 years ago through goals I established for myself. I've lost over 60 pounds over the years with many ups and downs during my journey! Through the process of reaching my goals, fitness and working out morphed into a hobby that quickly turned into an obsession. I love working out and finding ways to fuel my body in healthy ways. I am an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and also hold specialized certifications in MixxedFit dance fitness and TRX. Why do I provide free virtual dance fitness classes? With the onset of COVID, everyone can relate to how swift and devastating the effects were in 2020 when life suddenly changed. Within a matter of months, all the gyms in my state closed with no word on when or how they would open again. For people like me who considered the gym a second home, this blow was particularly unnerving. In April 2020 I started hosting free virtual workouts (dance) about every 10 days just to help spread a little joy. I hope you join me in a free class and if you like what you see, book a private class, take me on as your nutrition coach, and/ or accountability advisor. Let’s achieve our health and fitness aspirations together!

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